Chocolate wars!


Here we have two find chocolate bars. After much thought and consideration, we decided that the Chuao bar was better. The peppercorns and floral tastes in the  Ethereal chocolate bar were interesting, and beautiful, nut based on taste alone, the chua nut bar had it beat!


The Pinterest Round-up!

Here are a few cool things:


The moon melon looks pretty cool. At first I thought it was just a dyed watermelon or maybe a photoshopped watermelon picture. Apparently the moon melon is from Japan and it can completely alter your palette and change the taste of whatever you eat directly afterwards.

Just kidding! It is fake 🙂

Teddy bear toast is a great idea. It’s perfect for kids!

Strawberry. Tiramisu. Pancakes. = The. Perfect. Breakfast.

In a perfect world, we would have sugar doilies for all our little tea parties. These are from etsy and they are super cute :)