Saturday brunch at Square Peg


We would suggest ordering the grilled cheese Mac n cheese. It is a delicious start to your weekend. Square Peg is a great center city brunch places featuring southern food. Being southern girls (Virginian) this place is right up our alley!


To start off, we had the warm cinnamon donuts ( incredible) and a fruit salad (generic, but detoxifying :), we then split the chilaquiles (overall was ok- but with excellent sauce) and the grilled cheese Mac n cheese ( earth-shattering explosion of deliciousness).

The Philadelphia brunch scene is almost certainly ruled by a Day by Day, but we’d say Square Peg is definitely worth a visit or two.


Village Belle: a review👎

Thanks to Ruelala,we got a cards for half off our dinner at Village Belle. We decided to give shot because we saw the owner on food network. We are glad we went at a discount. The food was ok, but the place was inundated with flies. We got free dessert for the pest problem but it wasn’t worth it. We won’t be returning 😔


La Petite Dauphine: a review

We recently went to breakfast at La Petite Dauphine, a local restaurant in the Rittenhouse area of Philadelphia. It was quaint and light. When we went in the service was incredible and there was only one person working there! He made us breakfast and was incredibly attentive. The pricing was good,the eating was good, and the view was good. We would definitely go again. Next time we will go for tea time and get macarons!