Saturday brunch at Square Peg


We would suggest ordering the grilled cheese Mac n cheese. It is a delicious start to your weekend. Square Peg is a great center city brunch places featuring southern food. Being southern girls (Virginian) this place is right up our alley!


To start off, we had the warm cinnamon donuts ( incredible) and a fruit salad (generic, but detoxifying :), we then split the chilaquiles (overall was ok- but with excellent sauce) and the grilled cheese Mac n cheese ( earth-shattering explosion of deliciousness).

The Philadelphia brunch scene is almost certainly ruled by a Day by Day, but we’d say Square Peg is definitely worth a visit or two.


A perfect evening in Philly: crab profiteroles at Sofitel Lounge and cake pops at Shakespeare theater


The food and service at Sofitel’s Liberty Lounge was incredible! Actually, the kale chips were a bit of a miss but otherwise, it was all lovely. They messed up the check initially but apologized and made amends immediately.

Next we went to Crumb’s. They have generic cupcakes with sickening frosting, but we picked up a couple of cake pops and went down the street to Philadelphia Shakespeare Theater where we caught Othello. The performance was excellent as always!




Here, you can simply get fruit with some yogurt on top rather than yogurt with a few pieces of fruit.

You can tailor- make anything you want using the touchscreen ordering system. There’s not a lot of seating, but the place is clean and the food is delicious.

Tsuki Sushi

There’s a place at 22nd and walnut called Tsuki Sushi here in Philadelphia. It had reasonably priced Sushi. Here’s the kicker: It tastes like it should be exorbitantly expensive!!!!

We started things off with edamame and some other appetizers. The sushi pizza is delicious!
Next, we had a couple12 dollar plates of sushi that were out of this world.


Overall, we really recommend this restaurant. Be warned that if you get takeout, it will not have cool designs. We get takeout Sashimi pretty regularly from Tsuki Sushi, and it never looks as good as what we got when we sat down for lunch at this little restaurant. It tasted just as good, though!!

Philadelphia Restaurant Week


If you live in a big city and you’re big on the food scene, restaurant week is most likely one of your favorite weeks of the season. So listen up!

Choose a place that is normally crazy expensive- it is a flat rate for all participating restaurants. Dinner is $35.00 per person.

There is a fixed mix and match menu- look it up! Some places offer three courses while others offer more.

Look at the website-

Go for lunch- 20.00 for every participating restaurant.

Make reservations!!!

Brunch at Day by Day

For about a year, we have considered Day by Day to be the best brunch spot in Philadelphia. Let us tell you why:

1- On Sundays, it opens at 10 am and by 10:05 there is a line of toe-tapping tardies who are waiting for the 60 or more people who have already been seated to eat their breakfast so that they can begin enjoying a lovely brunch.

2- The food is delicious. We have tried practically everything. If It is your first time, try the stuffed challah french toast! There’s usually a different flavor every week, and they’re all delicious.

3- The pastries are delicious and they will give you samples.

4- The servers are extremely overworked, yet somehow, they’re still smily folks! Also, they are quite an eclectic bunch 🙂

You should note that they will try and rush you and ask you at least five times during your meal “how’s the food?”. That should only ever be asked once– about five minutes after you have received your meal. Additionally, they will sometimes forget that you asked for more hot water, etc, but it’s ok because they have so many customers to handle.

Just be patient with the servers and try to enjoy your meal 🙂


This morning, we arrived third in line to be seated at Day by Day. We had huevos rancheros, and crab, asparagus, and gruyere scramble with black toast and rosemary potatoes. Both were delicious! You can also request milk and honey with your tea. If you order coffee, it will be replenished like clockwork (free of charge).


10 Arts Lounge at the Ritz


Happy hour at 10 Arts Lounge is one of the best in Philly. The pretzels might be Americas best, the ceviche in grapefruit is delicious, the oysters taste of the ocean ( in the best way ), and the fish sandwich disappoints in comparison with the rest of the menu but far surpasses your average fish sandwich.


For the price, this place is incredible! At five bucks a plate,happy hour here is totally worth it! We hear it has a great breakfast too 🙂