Sunday morning apple pancakes

Because of our love affair with Pinterest, we decided to copy a post that featured apple slices dipped in pancake batter!


FYI, they were excellent with powdered sugar and cinnamon !


Treat Yourself: Lemon Pancakes with Vanilla Greek Yogurt, Agave nectar, and Fruit Topping!

This morning, we had pancakes with a delicious fruit topping.

Lemon pancakes are a great idea when you have extra lemons just lying around. It really wakes you up!


The Pinterest Round-up!

Here are a few cool things:


The moon melon looks pretty cool. At first I thought it was just a dyed watermelon or maybe a photoshopped watermelon picture. Apparently the moon melon is from Japan and it can completely alter your palette and change the taste of whatever you eat directly afterwards.

Just kidding! It is fake 🙂

Teddy bear toast is a great idea. It’s perfect for kids!

Strawberry. Tiramisu. Pancakes. = The. Perfect. Breakfast.

In a perfect world, we would have sugar doilies for all our little tea parties. These are from etsy and they are super cute :)