Construction cake?


In order to celebrate a new research building at my school, we had a cake made to resemble it. Pretty great right?


Blueberry Banana-walnut Bread with blueberry purée glaze

This is a great breakfast. We’re not huge fans of blueberries but if you pop’em in a bread like this, it ain’t too bad 🙂


You will need: bananas, almond meal, flour, sugar, eggs, baking powder, salt, apple sauce, coconut oil (two tablespoons only) and frozen blueberries. You make a batter out of that (you know the basic drill so make it how you like it! Some like it fluffy, some like it dense). The glaze is made out of frozen blueberries blended with powdered sugar and a tablespoon of honey.

Things we heart : the silicone edition

We are certainly not the type of girls who would say no to a little silicone remodeling – for food, that is. 💗❤💚💗💜💙

We love to make our own popsicles. We use Greek yogurt and mix in vanilla, honey, chocolate chips, nuts, maybe some banana, and whatever else we fancy. These moulds can be packaged in the lunch box easily. The are no mess and for those of you with messy kids, it might lead to less of a headache 😉. These are the norpro ice pop moulds, easily purchased on amazon :


We love baking cakes but we don’t want to waster money on a billion different cake molds  Using re-shapable cake molds is ideal!


Silicone Baking Sheets on Amazon!