Tria review!


What’s a Philadelphia food blog without a Tria review?

Here it is:

Tria has amazing food and great service. The location in Rittenhouse is a little small, a little too crowded, and a little too loud. If you can get over that, its a great place to catch up with a very small group of friends (maximum 5).

We had a cheese plate which was semi-smelly but quite delicious, a panini-style sandwich, some crostinis with goat cheese and pesto, and the best bread pudding we’ve tried in philly. The bread pudding was surprising because who goes to Tria for dessert? Anyways, it was excellent and we’d go again, but we’ve had our fill for now.


A perfect evening in Philly: crab profiteroles at Sofitel Lounge and cake pops at Shakespeare theater


The food and service at Sofitel’s Liberty Lounge was incredible! Actually, the kale chips were a bit of a miss but otherwise, it was all lovely. They messed up the check initially but apologized and made amends immediately.

Next we went to Crumb’s. They have generic cupcakes with sickening frosting, but we picked up a couple of cake pops and went down the street to Philadelphia Shakespeare Theater where we caught Othello. The performance was excellent as always!

San Antonio Outings: Sushi Zushi


If you’re at a conference in San Antonio, there is pretty much only one Sushi place. Its right near the river walk and honestly, pretty good. Sushi Zushi is a relatively small restaurant with slightly Americanized Sushi. In my opinion, if you are in Texas, try and enjoy the texan food. Your arteries won’t thank you, but hey, if you’re only there for a couple of days, enjoy the best San Antonio has to offer. Try Lulu’s bakery, or the Friendly Spot .

All in all, if you can’t stomach the rich TexMex Cuisine that Antonio has to offer, Sushi Zushi is a good bet!

10 Arts Lounge at the Ritz


Happy hour at 10 Arts Lounge is one of the best in Philly. The pretzels might be Americas best, the ceviche in grapefruit is delicious, the oysters taste of the ocean ( in the best way ), and the fish sandwich disappoints in comparison with the rest of the menu but far surpasses your average fish sandwich.


For the price, this place is incredible! At five bucks a plate,happy hour here is totally worth it! We hear it has a great breakfast too 🙂

The thanksgiving essentials

A mini thanksgiving is perfect for the younger crowd. This year, we are having a huge family thanksgiving and won’t get to do this but here’s a cool idea:

Three essentials to a complete thanksgiving-
1) a stuffed turkey – it doesn’t need to be huge. Just remember to brine it and then baste it while it’s in the oven. Stuff it with lentils, shaved carrots, and other goodies. Whatever you’ve got. You don’t need to go out and buy stovetop.

2) The thanksgiving parfait- take a large dollar store plastic wine glass. Layer cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, corn pudding, mashed potatoes, and gravy on top! Lay the out for everyone to just grab them. Take champagne flutes from the dollar store and/or shot glasses and fill them with the individual items for those who don’t want the parfait.

3) personal pies can be handmade or you can get one of those twenty dollar electric mini pie makers. Fill your crusts with pumpkin, apple or pecan pie filling 🙂

Hardly and cleanup!