New York visit 2013

Every year, we aim to take a trip to NYC. There, we split treats at as many highly praised eateries as we can manage. Here’s a look at this year’s trip!


Like last year, we could NOT pass up a nice brunch at Alice’s Tea Cup. It is one of our favorite places in the city.

When we stopped saw the famous waffle cart, called ” Waffels and Dinges“, we looked it up and knew that we had to share one, just for the experience. It did NOT disappoint.

We knew that it was practically a crime that we had never been to Milkbar before, so we made a point to rectify our our past wrongdoing. Crack pie is delicious, but you can only stomach about half a piece. What was even better was the cake truffles! We also enjoyed cereal milk ice cream. It was incredible!!

Gyu-kaku is an excellent japanese barbecue joint. The prices are pretty good and so is the service. If you have a lot of time to kill and are patient, you will love it. You have to cook your meat yourself, so just make sure you know what you are doing! They give you a little lesson first, though šŸ˜›

Burgers and Cupcakes is a quiet little restaurant. It’s not too pretty and the service is slow. The burgers are so-so, too. BUT THE CUPCAKES!!!! OH THE CUPCAKES!! They are hideous! They are the most delicious eyesores we have ever seen/tasted. Our chocolate peanut butter cupcake has officially made it into the top five cupcakes we have ever had. FIVE STARS (for the cupcake) and THREE STARS (For the rest of the place).


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