Treat Yourself: Lemon Pancakes with Vanilla Greek Yogurt, Agave nectar, and Fruit Topping!

This morning, we had pancakes with a delicious fruit topping.

Lemon pancakes are a great idea when you have extra lemons just lying around. It really wakes you up!



San Antonio Outings: The Friendly Spot


First and foremost, this place is a bar/ ice house at night and it open till about midnight or 1- I forget 😛

Anyways, I didn’t go there to drink (Although if you plan on doing so, please note that their selection is vast). Actually, I went there to have lunch and it was incredible. It was a perfect lunch. Perhaps it was because I came from Philadelphia to San Antonio in the middle of winter and ended up basking in the sun eating a plate of nachos and sipping on an iced tea. The simplicity of my situation it is what made it delicious.

My one complaint is that on its own property, the Friendly Spot has set up a popular little playground for children, where people drop off their young’uns and sit in the Friendly Spot yard chairs and drink away the afternoon. I sort of disapprove :/

Now I will get off my high horse and tell you that they have a very short menu, but everything we tried was delicious. The outdoor seating is charming. The lemonade and iced tea are made fresh. You are not going to regret sitting serenely at The Friendly Spot, enjoying a nice conversation with your friends!

San Antonio Outings: Lulu’s Bakery


If this place sounds familiar, you’re probably thinking of that episode of man vs food! On that episode, Adam entered Lulu’s and attempted to tackle a 3lb cinnamon bun (pictured above). We had a hearty breakfast, which was delicious and then ordered the 3lb cinnamon bun to go. Two girls working on this cinnamon bun for 24 hours hardy made a dent! We through half of it out after shoving some off to friends at the conference we were at.

So here’ the review: The place is quaint and not as busy as you’d think. That’s a plus. We had great service but terrible coffee. That balances it out nicely 😉 We attempted to order fruit, but practically got laughed out of the joint. HOW UTTERLY TEXAN! If anything, it made it more charming.

If we had to say one thing that you should live by when it comes to Lulu’s Bakery, it would be: Definitely go, and make it memorable- get the cinnamon bun 😛

Just try and go infrequently if you actually live in San Antonio.

Two thumbs up!!

San Antonio Outings: Sushi Zushi


If you’re at a conference in San Antonio, there is pretty much only one Sushi place. Its right near the river walk and honestly, pretty good. Sushi Zushi is a relatively small restaurant with slightly Americanized Sushi. In my opinion, if you are in Texas, try and enjoy the texan food. Your arteries won’t thank you, but hey, if you’re only there for a couple of days, enjoy the best San Antonio has to offer. Try Lulu’s bakery, or the Friendly Spot .

All in all, if you can’t stomach the rich TexMex Cuisine that Antonio has to offer, Sushi Zushi is a good bet!

Tsuki Sushi

There’s a place at 22nd and walnut called Tsuki Sushi here in Philadelphia. It had reasonably priced Sushi. Here’s the kicker: It tastes like it should be exorbitantly expensive!!!!

We started things off with edamame and some other appetizers. The sushi pizza is delicious!
Next, we had a couple12 dollar plates of sushi that were out of this world.


Overall, we really recommend this restaurant. Be warned that if you get takeout, it will not have cool designs. We get takeout Sashimi pretty regularly from Tsuki Sushi, and it never looks as good as what we got when we sat down for lunch at this little restaurant. It tasted just as good, though!!