Perfectly Persian


Now here’s you average Persian party spread. If there is one type of rice, there is something amiss. God forbid there be fewer than three colors of rice available at a Persian party. White, yellow ( saffron), and green ( turmeric and dill) are the most favored.

A stew is also always available. Chicken is another standby. It goes great with any rice. Barberry rice, aka ‘zeresh polo’ is always eaten with chicken.

Presentation is everything to Persians. It almost looks to good to dig in, but we always find ourselves pushing through our initial hesitation. Seriously though, there is a five minute ritual before we begin eating where we all just sit with empty plates and stare at the food and the hostess says ” please, begin” and everyone else goes ” I will, but you first”. Eventually though, I break the litany by leaning over the table and grabbing some saffron chicken 🙂


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