Mini chocolate cake and fizzy jello

A party food favorite, we can’t get enough of personal cakes and jello cups 🙂

These mini cakes were made with a cup of coffee to ensure that they are super moist. The filling is vanilla cream cheese frosting and the topping is a thin layer of chocolate ganache. Topped with almond slices and chocolate chips, the cake is mouth watering.



The jello is effervescent, simply put. Take three tablespoons of boiling water to dissolve the jello ( your choice of flavor) . Next, take icy cold seltzer water to bring the volume up to two cups. Pour into separate cups and bung’em in the fridge!

Every bite will fizz like crackling candy 🙂


The mini-chocolate cakes were the result of leftovers from a larger cake I made as a thank-you gift. I made the cake using the recipe from CreamPuffsinVenice.  It was so moist and delicious!  What I couldn’t fit into my cake pans I boured into a bownie pan to make a quick think cake.  Then I cut out circles using a clean used tomato sauce can.  I sandwiched two circles together, with a layer of leftover white chocolate frosting in the middle, and poured chocolate ganache over the top. Then we decorated it with almond slices.  It was soooo good, you should definitely try it!




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