Whole foods honey cupcake

Don’t be fooled by good looks! This cupcake from Whole Foods was entirely too rich and sickly sweet. Split it with a friend and take half the icing off- then you won’t hate it ⚠



Happy Halloween! Here are some of our pinterest favorites ✨

We love stealing ideas from pinterest! Here are a few halloween pictures we chose.


The latex glove as an ice mould is easy enough. We would love to try it. The pumpkin mini pies seem too difficult to attempt, but the pretzels are right up our alley, effort-wise!

The Barcelona dining experience

First off, Barcelona was beautiful. Gaudi’s influence on the city is spectacular to say the least. Now on to the food :
They have a weird love of Belgian waffles there. This is odd to me because I expected a lot more churros and less waffles. They loved gelato there too.

Seafood in Barcelona is a no-brainer. If you go there, you simply must have it. We went to a place where you choose your own seafood fresh off of the grocery store type ice display and they cook it for you. They had the coolest seafood. I don’t know what the bottom right picture is, but I ate it and it was delicious!


Things we heart : the silicone edition

We are certainly not the type of girls who would say no to a little silicone remodeling – for food, that is. 💗❤💚💗💜💙

We love to make our own popsicles. We use Greek yogurt and mix in vanilla, honey, chocolate chips, nuts, maybe some banana, and whatever else we fancy. These moulds can be packaged in the lunch box easily. The are no mess and for those of you with messy kids, it might lead to less of a headache 😉. These are the norpro ice pop moulds, easily purchased on amazon :


We love baking cakes but we don’t want to waster money on a billion different cake molds  Using re-shapable cake molds is ideal!


Silicone Baking Sheets on Amazon!

Persian Desserts



No persian party is complete without an entire table full of desserts served about an hour after dinner. First, everyone gets a tea cup with Persian tea and a sugar cube and then everyone queues up to pick up their desserts!

One of our favorites is saffron ice cream sandwiches. You arrange the treat yourself. First pick up two wafers and grab a scoop of the saffron ice cream. One does NOT eat this sandwich open-faced. Try this and you will never want to go back to the traditional ice cream sandwich.

Hurricane sandy on the east coast means halloweentown marathon and delicious treats

Sometimes it is hard to stay at home all day, but let’s be honest, there’s nowhere to go on a day like this. When the busiest street in center city Philadelphia looks like this at 3 pm, you’d be wise to stay indoors.


Hurricane sandy means staying home and watching halloweentown! A cup of hot chocolate made with almond milk really hits the spot.

While halloweentown is a great movie, we had a hankering for an oldie but goodie… Do any of you guys remember double double toil and trouble with the Olsen twins?